Chaos Communication Camp 2011

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Chaos Communication Camp (2011)

Préparation sur le wiki de LQDN

OHM (2013)


[+] + the tea was awesome / the idea of the teahouse was greatly appreciated + we brought "care" to hackers who really need it + No-shoes zone was great: clean space, relaxing, welcoming + Good selection of tea, and generous in quality, quantity, variety. + The chill out tea John brought was delicious + I liked the focus on serving tea, not alcohol, although people were of course welcome to bring their bottle of whatever else they were drinking. This kept the proposal clear. + Serving tea is caring. It keeps everyone hydrated. + The tea-house worked as a plateforme for other unplanned events to take place almost spontanously (A erva maté tasting session, a Queer-Feminist meet-up, the embodiement workshop by our friends from Quebec etc. ). It was very easy for me to improvise almost at last minute a massage workshop. + OpenDJ station worked quite well (great concept that was appreciated) + superb improvisation of the massage space, adapting to new constraints + We'll see what is on the NAS, but I think it was helpful and that much was share + the feeling that everyone had a way to participate: deco, teamastering, DJing, workshops, etc. + tons of compliments, including to me more than 20 "it's the best place in the camp", and the best one from Stef "I don't need to go see the lectures as everyone I want to see just comes here and speak with me." <3 + Datalove everywhere!!

[-] - Some who spoke of helping the teahouse (tea master, get water, cleaning…) didn't do so (we need something like “[1]” -- Tea house could run without anyone from LQDN in charge) - without scheduling the shifts it ends up being always the same ones doing it / late night and early morning it was not always easy to find a tea master (→ [2]) /people did not register for proper shifts despite the table we made - We only had 3 or 4 tea-pots, so we could only make 3 or 4 different kinds of tea at once. (Annie's teahouse often has a dozen different teas, but they use much smaller teapots and decanting pitchers.) - Because the tea tables were also used for working, stickers, and eating, they were always crowded with stuff that nobody knew the ownership of, and were thus hard to clean up. People tended to leave food/snacks and then others wouldn't know whether it was available for eating or not, so it would sit there forever. - Sometimes we had to wait for hot water in order to serve tea. Having two water-boilers would have relieved that, and given us backup in case one broke. - It was difficult to hear and take part in the workshops given by felix and jeremie when not sitting at the already crowded tables. - Not enough choice in herbal tea. It would have been nice to always have a choice between caff / decaff, upper VS downer.

Tarp / building


[-] - We didn't think of the wind /o/ - Too many wire/strings around the tent made it hazardous to enter or exit the structure. - The electrical supply was right below the water heater, leading to a possibly dangerous condition. - Our power from elsewhere was cut off several times for unknown reasons. - The white building was poorly utilized -- most of it seemed to be storage, occasionally someone slept in it, otherwise it just provided access to electricity, music, network, and water boilers. Except for the lovely massage space!


[+] + Efficient planning, organization, and coordination before camp + The team put up individual tents for some us before we got there, which was very thoughtful. + The homemade tables were really nice. + Thank you for bringing the fridge. It kept the soymilk I survived on. We had ice to put on a girl's twisted ankle.. + Team members always willing to help everyone with everything. Amazing. + We were lucky there was no wind storm / not too heavy rain all week.

[-] - food organization (the food at Ohm was terrible and very expansive) - stickers weren't actively distributed (ie. regularly puting piles of them at infodesk, bar, noisy square & key strategic places) - tshirts weren't actively distributed too - we never used the beamer, when we could have projected cool stuff on the wall of the tent