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Chaos Communication Camp 2011 - Review

Benefits and concerns


What went well. What we need to reproduce next time.

  • Datalove
  • Pillows
  • Mattress
  • Switches and lots of network cables
  • Tea! And Junk food
  • Music infrastructure
  • Awesome lights (LED's <3)
  • Duct tape, Duct tape and Duct tape
  • Sharing space with friends (EFF, OKFN)


What could be improved the next time.

  • we must arrive before the start and leave after the official end (ideally at least 2 days before, and 1 day after the camp ends)
  • we must buy travel tickets very early so the tickets are cheap
  • a bigger tent (something like that) with big pillows :3 (the girl is not available)
  • Waterproofness
  • Logistic (bringing the material)
  • Anticipate the need for flags and anything to make the tent visible from far away (not only for la Quadrature du Net, but also friend organizations we share space with, like EFF and OKFN)
  • Bigger area. To prevent to be crowded, we need more space on the floor (not necessarily protected from rain).
  • A place and tools to eat/cook?
  • A real tent with table/chairs, to allow for non-dematerialized projects (e.g. bringing soldering hardware, etc)
  • Food for the way back.
  • Travel by train/plane, baggage by minivan. Or our own Hacker Bus. Anyway, not Eurolines. Never EVER again.
  • Buy a lot of matte's bottle !