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[[Attaquons_ACTA|Version Française]]
'''Attack ACTA aka "Vampire Hunt"'''
The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) is a multilateral trade agreement being negotiated, mostly between OECD countries, in total secrecy. 7th round of negociations from Jan 26th to Jan 29th 2009, in Mexico, is a perfect occasion for exposing ACTA and raise awareness bout how dangerous it is for our fundamental freedoms.
ACTA attacks Internet therefore our freedoms. Let's attack ACTA!
Let's expose ACTA and its negociator like a vampire to sunlight!
== Essential points about ACTA ==
* The lack of transparency of the negociated text might be considered as "normal" for trade agreements, but ACTA is much more than a trade agreement as it has an impact on criminal rights, and on the whole Internet ecosystem. Such important matters requires democratic process and transparency. ACTA circumvents democracy.
* By imposing the liability of internet service providers and access providers for the transmission or storage of copyrighted material, ACTA will radically alter the shape of the Internet. In practice such legal uncertainty will turn all Internet operators into private police and justice auxiliaries. ACTA will force internet actors to accept any kind of content filtering, content removing, and "three strikes"-like "voluntary" agreements.
* Jurisdictions and parliaments already decided that Internet access was essential for the exercise of fundamental rights (European Parliament twice with am. 138 and with final Telecoms Package text, Constitutional court in France, decision 2009-580). ACTA, negotiated out of any democratic control, goes against this. By restricting access to the Internet, ACTA will therefore restrict our fundamenal freedoms (expression, information, communication).
== What can I do as a citizen? ==
=== Contact your elected representatives ===
* Inform them about ACTA (using the [http://www.laquadrature.net/files/LaQuadratureduNet-20100124_Policy_Brief-Shedding_the_Light_on_ACTA.pdf brief]) and demand that they hold negociators accountable for the outcome.
* Urge them to ask written questions to the negociators to access the negociation documents, and inquiry about the impact ACTA will have on Internet intermediates liability (and the risk to turn them into private police auxiliaries and harm net neutrality), "three strikes" voluntary agreements and fundamental freedoms.
* Ask them to reject the text when, if signed, it will be presented in front of their Parliament.
==== in the EU ====
Contact your Member of the european Parliament (MEP), and ask them to write written questions to the Commission, and to discuss the matter with their political group.
==== in America ====
... [please edit me]...
=== Help identifying the negociators for your country ===
Each country participating to the negociations has administrative servants within the executive branch who take part in the negociation. They're not elected, therefore not accountable. We need to identify them in order to direct our questions to them, and be able to make them face their responsibilities.
For the EU, the Commission is leading the negociations, but according to the declaration of one of its negociators [article Le Point], Member States are also part of the negotiation. It means that every EU Member State has one representative (probably in the ministry responsible for foreign trade, and/or presidency and/or prime minister's office) responsible for the ACTA negotiations.
Let's identify them and list them here, with their contact infos:
==== European Union ====
* Pedro Velasco Martins, DG Trade.
* Luc Devigne, DG Trade.
From a cross-interview in French magazine "Le Point":
'"Yes, we also negotiate on criminal law," confirms the Commission. "But our mandate respects the division of comptencies (between the EU and Member States, Ed)," the negotiator goes on.'
Therefore '''there are also negociators for every Member State, through the Council of EU'''!
==== France ====
* Patrice Guyot (DGTPE)
* Jean-Philippe Muller (DGTPE)
==== UK ====
Possibly someone in the UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO).
==== US ====
==== Mexico ====
* Jorge Amigo - IMPI
* Gilda Gonzalez - IMPI
=== Contact the press and inform them about ACTA ===
Show them articles already written in major media. They can use them to convince their editorial board of the opportunity to write about ACTA. As the negociations will take place from Jan 26th to Jan 28th, it will be "news" and a good opportunity to write about it.
==== Press articles released in France ====
==== Press articles released in/about Mexico====
==== Press articles in US/UK====
==== Press articles in Austrialia ====
===Translate this doc to your language===
===Support citizen actions/events vs ACTA===
- tuesday 26th, 12pm
== What can I do as a BLOGGER? ==
=== Draw attention on ACTA by writing about it ===
discuss the dangers of ACTA in your posts and with your readers.
Material you can quote:
* [http://www.laquadrature.net/en/acta-a-global-threat-to-freedoms-open-letter ACTA: A global threat to Freedoms - an Open Letter]
* [http://www.lepoint.fr/actualites-technologie-internet/2010-01-22/face-a-face-acta-une-menace-pour-internet/1387/0/416474 Article "Le Point"] (FR)
* [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anti-Counterfeiting_Trade_Agreement Wikipedia article about ACTA]
* Articles from M. Geist, EFF, etc. (pls add references!)
=== Cover up the events organized by citizens ===
=== Use banners and buttons to link to anti-ACTA websites ===
== What can I do as a NGO/ Association?==
=== Sign the ACTA Open Letter ===
Sign it and publish it on your website. Send it to your political and press contacts, with a few words explaining the motives of your signature.
=== Inform your members about ACTA ===
Send them information material and a link to this page.
== What can I do as an ARTIST or DESIGNER? ==
=== Create strong images about ACTA ===
Banners, buttons, illustrations
Add them to http://www.laquadrature.net/wiki/Attack_ACTA#Banners.2C_etc...
=== Create short movies to quickly explain ACTA and "buzz"  ===
* From the server of Sony :)
== What can I do as an ACTA Lobbyist? ==
* Be scared and be ready to run like hell!
* Look for another job
* Apologize
== ACTA Resources ==
* [http://lqdn.fr/ACTA La Quadrature's ACTA web-dossier]
* [http://werebuild.eu/wiki/index.php/ACTA WeRebuild.eu ACTA wiki page]
* [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anti-Counterfeiting_Trade_Agreement Wikipedia article about ACTA]
* [http://openacta.org OpenACTA.org]
== Banners, etc... ==
===animation format GIF 250x250px===
<pre><a href="http://lqdn.fr/ACTA" title="Attack ACTA now!"><img src="http://www.laquadrature.net/wiki/images/c/c7/ACTA_attack_250x250px.gif" alt="Attack ACTA now!"/></a></pre>
===ACTA attack format PNG 250x413px===
<pre><a href="http://lqdn.fr/ACTA" title="Attack ACTA now!"><img src="http://www.laquadrature.net/wiki/images/0/0d/Acta_attacks_250x413.png" alt="Attack ACTA now!"/></a></pre>
===ACTA attack format PNG 150x248px===
<pre><a href="http://lqdn.fr/ACTA" title="Attack ACTA now!"><img src="http://www.laquadrature.net/wiki/images/3/3b/Acta_attacks_150x248.png" alt="Attack ACTA now!"/></a></pre>
===ACTA attack format PNG 100x165px===
<pre><a href="http://lqdn.fr/ACTA" title="Attack ACTA now!"><img src="http://www.laquadrature.net/wiki/images/4/43/Acta_attacks_100x165.png" alt="Attack ACTA now!"/></a></pre>
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