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Welcome to La quadrature's wiki

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Ongoing campaigns

Upcoming campaigns

  • Net filtering: First reading of the "Child protection" directive in the European Parliament (indicative date: June 22nd, 2011) Dedicated campaign page
  • ACTA: the "consent vote" on ACTA in the European Parliament (around the summer) (See also the ACTA page on this wiki)

You can also see the pages of the previous campaigns

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  • Political Memory: Our toolkit for finding informations about members of European Parliament (MEPs), including contact infos and votes on Internet issues.
  • Illustrations: Some pictures and banners
    Free contributions from Internet users (space of free expression)

How to help
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Feel free to help us !

La Quadrature needs you.

For more information, you can visit our How to help page


Here are the ongoing projects, for which your expertise can prove very precious