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Political Memory: Resolution on Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), Results for Slovenia {{#icon:SI.png|Slovenia}}

Rank MEP Group Final score
152 Tanja FAJON SD ACTA_resolution_SD}} SD 98.2 Show details
165 Zoran THALER SD ACTA_resolution_SD}} SD 98.2 Show details
286 Ivo VAJGL ALDE ACTA_resolution_ALDE}} ALDE 73.2 Show details
300 Jelko KACIN ALDE ACTA_resolution_ALDE}} ALDE 70.3 Show details
384 Romana JORDAN CIZELJ PPE ACTA_resolution_PPE}} PPE 30.5 Show details
625 Milan ZVER PPE ACTA_resolution_PPE}} PPE 25.8 Show details

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