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Political Memory: Resolution on Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), Results for Cyprus {{#icon:CY.png|Cyprus}}

Rank MEP Group Final score
135 Kyriakos MAVRONIKOLAS SD ACTA_resolution_SD}} SD 99.9 Show details
173 Antigoni PAPADOPOULOU SD ACTA_resolution_SD}} SD 99.8 Show details
205 Kyriacos TRIANTAPHYLLIDES GUE/NGL ACTA_resolution_GUE}} GUE/NGL 99.7 Show details
208 Takis HADJIGEORGIOU GUE/NGL ACTA_resolution_GUE}} GUE/NGL 99.6 Show details
337 Eleni THEOCHAROUS PPE ACTA_resolution_PPE}} PPE 25.5 Show details
538 Ioannis KASOULIDES PPE ACTA_resolution_PPE}} PPE 2.5 Show details

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