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This page lists key points to remember in any discussion about ACTA

Main arguments

Against ACTA in general

  • ACTA turns Internet companies (ISPs, service providers) into a private copyright police by forcing to take legal responsibility for what their users do online.
  • ACTA brings broad and dangerous criminal sanctions in a loosely defined way.
  • ACTA bypasses democracy and opens the door to a parallel legislative process, which the European MPs should be particularly angry about.

Specific arguments for each committee

  • LIBE: state of the report: not yet published

What to ask: take an anti ACTA position

  • ITRE : state of the report : against ACTA

What to ask: vote for the report in its actual state

  • DEVE : state of the report : in favor of ACTA

What to ask: amendments of the report

  • JURI : state of the report : in favor of ACTA

What to ask: reject the report

The procedure in the European Parliament

For detailed information about the ACTA procedure in the European system, please see this page ACTA: Procedure in the European Parliament.

How to act?

To help us fight ACTA, visit our page How to act against ACTA.

Learn more

  • You should also read our counter-arguments to the Commission's disinformation about ACTA, it answers most arguments that you might encounter by those defending ACTA.

The following resources are also helpful in better understanding ACTA: