ACTA: to keep in mind

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This page lists key points to remember in any discussion about ACTA

Main arguments

Against ACTA in general

  • ACTA turns Internet companies (ISPs, service providers) into a private copyright police by forcing to take legal responsibility for what their users do online.
  • ACTA brings broad and dangerous criminal sanctions in a loosely defined way.
  • ACTA bypasses democracy and opens the door to a parallel legislative process, which the European MPs should be particularly angry about.

The procedure in the European Parliament

For detailed information about the ACTA procedure in the European system, please see this page ACTA: Procedure in the European Parliament.

How to act?

To help us fight ACTA, visit our page How to act against ACTA

Learn more

  • You should also read our counter-arguments to the Commission's disinformation about ACTA, it answers most arguments that you might encounter by those defending ACTA.

The following resources are also helpful in better understanding ACTA: