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  • Interception of communications, the core of the recent laws on intelligence and surveillance, must be applied under the authorisation of a judge and be controlled beforehand, during and after their application;
  • Citizens must have a right to redress against interceptions, according to the right to a fair trial. In the case of classified documents, the jurisdiction should obtain the declassification of the documents when it is considered that secrecy is no longer justified;
  • Metadata and connection data must be subject to the same level of control as content interception;
  • Disposition of mass surveillance of connection data must be forbidden in a democracy;
  • The universality of rights must be recognized and protected, and thus international surveillance measures must be subject to the same guarantees than national surveillance;
  • Cooperation agreements with other intelligence agencies must be controlled by an independent organisation;
  • Right to cryptography and anonymity online must be recognized;
  • The development of secure tools and their use by citizens must be encouraged and helped, the communication on privacy and the impacts of online surveillance must be a priority.