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End-users rights:

  • ETNO having a dominant position tries to ensure that its clients will keep their positions. For that, it reminds the importance to help the development of innovation no matter the type of ISP, to ensure an equal competition between equivalent services, to improve the protection of consumers in the digitalisation of the services.
  • Convergence: as seen earlier, ETNO sees the future as IP-based (numbering or non-numbering based services), making the telephonic network obsolete. One more reason to intervene in the fibre market to ensure a firm position.
  • Offering integrated "bundles": to diminish the sector specific regulation to offer integrated cross-sector services. This proposition is quite dangerous as it allow to bypass the Telecommunication Regulation (especially the one on Net Neutrality) opening the field for operators and IAP to offer to clients their third partner services. This will lead to a balkanisation of the Internet that the client will access.
  • In the same manner, ETNO wants to ensure less sector specific regulations for equivalent services making the scope the largest possible