Translations:Mobilisation voter les amendements des droit des citoyens en 2eme lecture 6 mai/34/en

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  • "You" : _"Hello, my name is ..., I live in .... I am calling you regarding the 'Citizen Rights Amendments' of the Telecom Package. Mrs/Mr MEP XXX will have to vote on Wednesday on these amendments. I just wanted to tell you my support for having them adopted."
  • "Interlocutor" : _"Mrs/Mr MEP is concerned with this topic, but you know, it's not so simple. There is a lot of pressure and it would be a pity to make the Telecom Package 'fall' because of this amendment."
  • "You" : _"I understand this delicate situation. But I feel that the Council is trying to reverse the responsibilities. It would be natural, I would say indispensable, to save an amendment that had been supported twice by 90% of the Parliament, and to keep other essential safeguards for EU citizens. If the Council doesn't accept that, then the Council alone be responsible for the Telecom Package's 'failure'. I would like to add that this pressure looks like a bluff. The Telecom Package represents 3 years of work from a lot of parliamentarians. The council will not decide to put the Telecom Package in danger."
  • "Interlocutor" : _"Okay, but you know ..."
  • "Conversation"
  • "You" : _"Thanks a lot for listening to me, and thanks to you for your work and also to Mrs/Mr MEP XXX. If you can tell him/her about my call I would appreciate it. And you can tell him/her also that he/she can call me at (phone number) if he/she wants to talk about that"
  • "Interlocutor" : _"Of course, no problem."