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  • "You" : _'The "Citizen Rights Amendements' are a strong set of amendments to protect EU citizens. They are protective of fundamental freedoms, when media industries want to impose their private police and parallel, arbitrary justice over the Internet, like what they are trying to do in France and in some other Member States. They also protect against 'net discrimination', where operators want to limit the ability to access content, applications or services to maximize the revenues of their own services."
  • "Interlocutor" : "Mrs/Mr MEP is concerned with this topic, but she/he will follow the instructions of the political group."
  • "You" : _"The compromise amendments removed essential protections: they weakened amendment 138/46 in ITRE, and completely neutralized article 32a (am.166) in IMCO and recital 26 that was vaguely protective against 'net discrimination'. You cannot tolerate such a step back on fundamental freedoms!"
  • "Interlocutor" : "It is complicated. We need to reach an agreement in order to avoid the conciliation procedure with the Council."
  • "You" : _"Is simply reaching an agreement on a certain schedule more important than protecting EU citizens' fundamental rights and freedoms? It is important, before the elections, to show that the Parliament is useful, that it protects its electors, and that it doesn't bend under the pressure that a few Member States apply through the Council! It is more important to get it right than to get it soon!"
  • "Interlocutor" : "There are many other important issues in the Telecoms Package, industries are waiting..."
  • "You" : _"We need Europe to protect citizens before industries. Please tell Mrs/Mr MEP to vote for the CRA amendments in the name of its electors, who will be very attentive to the outcome of this vote. I am available if you have questions about these issues, or other issues related to civil liberties in the digital environment. (Leave your contact info.) Have a nice day, and thank you for your time!"