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  • Opposing "graduated response" (or "three strikes") schemes is not only a French problem, because other EU states are considering such schemes, and at some point it was sneaked into the Telecoms Package. It is also about opposing other forms of private, nonjudicial, parallel "justice" that would be dangerous for everyone's civil liberties.
  • It is a strong signal to EU citizens at a time when EU institutions face a deep crisis of confidence that they will protect EU citizens, not merely be a rubber stamp for the wrong-headed schemes of certain Member States.

Most important amendments to be voted are

  • on Harbour report: am.101=111=117 and am.102=12=118 (against "net discrimination") and am. 62=94=104=119 (original am.166)
  • on Trautmann report: am.2=5=6=9 (original am.138)