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Political Memory: Directives reforming the EU's regulatory framework for electronic communications networks and services (telecoms package), 1st reading, Results for Denmark {{#icon:DK.png|Denmark}}

Rank MEP Group Final score
6 Margrete AUKEN Verts/ALE Telecoms_package_directives_1st_reading_Verts}} Verts/ALE 90.9 Show details
56 Hanne DAHL IND/DEM Telecoms_package_directives_1st_reading_IND}} IND/DEM 84.4 Show details
62 Søren Bo SØNDERGAARD GUE/NGL Telecoms_package_directives_1st_reading_GUE}} GUE/NGL 84.1 Show details
161 Britta THOMSEN PSE Telecoms_package_directives_1st_reading_PSE}} PSE 51.2 Show details
193 Christel SCHALDEMOSE PSE Telecoms_package_directives_1st_reading_PSE}} PSE 49.4 Show details
202 Dan JØRGENSEN PSE Telecoms_package_directives_1st_reading_PSE}} PSE 48.8 Show details
217 Mogens CAMRE UEN Telecoms_package_directives_1st_reading_UEN}} UEN 47.8 Show details
342 Johannes LEBECH ALDE Telecoms_package_directives_1st_reading_ALDE}} ALDE 45.0 Show details
349 Ole CHRISTENSEN PSE Telecoms_package_directives_1st_reading_PSE}} PSE 44.7 Show details
380 Anne E. JENSEN ALDE Telecoms_package_directives_1st_reading_ALDE}} ALDE 43.8 Show details
414 Christian ROVSING PPE-DE Telecoms_package_directives_1st_reading_PPE}} PPE-DE 42.8 Show details
418 Niels BUSK ALDE Telecoms_package_directives_1st_reading_ALDE}} ALDE 42.5 Show details
641 Karin RIIS-JØRGENSEN ALDE Telecoms_package_directives_1st_reading_ALDE}} ALDE 35.9 Show details

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