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Example of a letter to send to your country MEPs (please translate in your own language and post it) - by ???[edit]

NB: a personnalized mail is _always_ more efficient than using a template email, that is annoying for your recipient and almost useless.

Dear <>

It has come to my attention that the reform of the “European law on electronic communications” (the so called “Telecoms Package”) will be debated in the European Parliament next week (7 July). These proposed changes to European telecommunications law will permit the monitoring and blocking of websites and peer-to-peer exchanges by ISPs, in a way that is currently not legally possible. These legal changes will also permit ISPs to sanction users by suspending or terminating Internet access. European Internet users could be blocked from lawful activities by mandatory spyware, in the interests of their "security". The right to use free software for internet access would therefore not be assured anymore. The neutrality of the Internet is also directly attacked, as is the principle that technical intermediaries have no obligation to prior surveillance of contents. Other amendments will de-facto enable administrative authorities to obligate ISPs to work with content producers and rights-holders’ private police, including the sending of intimidating messages, with no judicial or regulatory oversight.

The proposed copyright amendments will result in the loss of individual freedom and privacy on the Internet – in breach of fundamental principles of human rights law in Europe.

I am therefore asking you to drop or reject the amendments related to Intellectual Property Rights, which are completely unrelated to the Telecoms Package.

Kind regards,