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Memopol Documentation for Developpers[edit]

Python version[edit]

Actually, Memopol uses Python 2.7.

It should support 2.5, 2.6, 2.7 (since it use Django 1.4)


Actually, Memopol has a long list of dependencies, which makes it long and difficult/complex to install. Here is a "not finished" architecture of Memopol's dependencies :

  • django: Python framework for website
  • django-debug-toolbar: Debug toolbar
  • django-contact-form-i18n: Translation of 'generic contact-form' ?
  • django-flatblocks: Like flatpages, but for parts of a page
  • django-awesome-snippets: Decorator to cache html snippets
  • django-simple-captcha: Simple captcha application
  • django-extensions: Extensions for django (???)
  • django-tastypie: Flexible API layer (delicious)
  • django-haystack: Pluggable search
  • whoosh: Full-text indexing, spell-cheking library
  • django-ajax-selects: jQuery-powered auto-complete fields
  • django-extended-choices: Improve django choices (fields)
  • django-dynamiq-search-form:
  • django-categories: Handle one or more hierarchical category trees
  • django-endless-pagination: Twitter and Digg style pagination
  • django-compressor: Automatic system for compressing css and js files
  • lxml: XML processing library
  • hamlpy: HAML-like syntax for django templates
  • pil: Python Imaging Library
  • South: Migration of database
  • matplotlib: Plotting package
  • numpy: Array processing for numbers, strings, objects
  • BeautifulSoup: HTML parsing library
  • pyquery: jquery-like library
  • lxml: XML processing library
  • WebTest: Helper fot testing WSGI applications
  • nose: UnitTest extension for unit testing
  • gunicorn: WSGI Http server
  • werkzeug: WSGI utilities module
  • pytidylib: Python wrapper for HTML Tidy
  • pyyaml: YAML parser
  • unidecode: ASCII transliterations for unicode
  • diff_match_patch: Synchronization for plain text


This library is used (in memopol/trends/ to draw some graphs about votes.

numpy is mandatory to use this library.