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The RespectMyNet platform allows citizens to list and inform about Internet access restrictions imposed by operators.

Citizens can submit cases of infringement on the principle of Net neutrality, or confirm those already listed. That way, regulators cannot ignore any longer the numerous access restrictions and “application-specific” techniques which undermine freedom of communication, privacy, as well as competition and innovation online. These reports, even if they draw up an incomplete situation's picture, are already used in the national and European regulators' works. The project will help to increase pressure on the European Commission to legislate on Net neutrality.


If you want to go further, whatever your skills are, you can participate to the development of the project by contacting us in our IRC channel: #nnmon,by email at: contact at laquadrature.net ou by subscribing to the Respect My Net mailing list.

Support la Quadrature du Net[edit]

If you can afford it, financial support is of course greatly appreciated. You can make a donation to help La Quadrature keep fighting for Net Neutrality and acting on the other dossiers it works on.