De La Quadrature du Net
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Welcome fellow developper.

This is where you'll find the necessary information about how you can help developping tools used by La Quadrature.

Some initial first-step which might be interesting to do:

  • Subscribe to the Development mailing-list
  • Introduce yourself on this mailing-list
  • Join some useful IRC Chans: #lqdn-travail@irc.freenode.org
  • Get some git training. We use it a lot.
  • Get an account on LQDN's GitLab. If you already have a github account, you can use it there if you want.

You'll find below the currently active projects. Each of them provide documentation, and ways to help them. Do not hesitate to contact people involved in the project.

You could probably also update your page on this wiki to tell the world on which project you work on.