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Developpers Entry Point[modifier

Logo developpement LQDN

Welcome fellow developper

On this portal, you'll find all the information you might need to help developping La Quadrature Du Net's tools.

Some initial first steps you might want to take:

  • Subscribe to the development mailing list dev@laquadrature.netinfo
  • Introduce yourself on this list, you might want to tell us what you'd like to work on.
  • Learn the basics of git. We use it a lot.
  • Open an account on our Gitlab. You can use your github account if you want.
  • Join us on our Mattermost to talk about projects and tools we're working on.
  • Read our Development Workflow

You'll find below the different active projects inside LQDN. Each one of them provides documentation for developers, as well as means to help people working on the project. Most of those are independently managed, so feel free to get in touch with the developers (ideally using the code repository website).

You can also update your personal page on the wiki, to announce the project you want to work on.

All the informations are on the portal dedicated to development.


Logo memopol.jpg


Political Memory is a toolbox designed to help ctizen following the activity and votes history of memeber of the european parliament (MEP), and to help them influence decision and policy making by facilitationg contact between MEPS and citizens.




Respect My Net is a platform allowing eropean residents to report operators' net neutrality infrigments.



Logo piphone.jpg


Le PiPhone est un outil permettant aux citoyens de rétablir le dialogue avec leurs parlementaires en fournissant une plateforme d'appels pris en charge par la Quadrature du Net. Cet outil est composé de 3 parties : le front - servant de point d'entrée des utilisateurs, le gestionnaire de campagne - se connectant par exemple à Memopol pour établir une campagne d'appel, et un serveur SIP permettant d'effectuer les appels.