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This page is a translated version of the page Portail:Comment Aider/wiki and the translation is 90% complete.

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First, it's recommended to create an account or to log in.

You can also give an email, it isn't mandatory. But it can help to follow the evolution of the pages you created of that you want to follow.

It's recommended if you verify your username in the list. Basically, stating what projects you work on and your activities, well, presenting yourself!

What is it about?

The most simple (and repetitive) task is to follow the recent changes [1]. This page takes also into account the modifications on the pages, the changes and the new users.

Following those pages allows you to verify and to update the pages by:

  • Deleting the spams. It's rare but sometimes the defences go off.
  • Correction the form. Correcting typing mistakes or grammar are the most common stuff, also forgotten words.
  • Correcting the meaning. This depends of your knowledge of La Quadrature and its themes (don't hesitate to ask).

You can also follow new uploaded files so files follow the netiquette.

The use of the special page allow to optimise the use of the wiki, for example by adding categories to pages that don't have any or to assure that all pages are accessible through another pages. Here are the list of quick actions you'd need to do from time to time:

  • The page the least recently modified, as their name indicates, those pages weren't modified recently, it is good to review if they are still up to date. If not, maybe they need some update or to be deleted.
  • The most wanted pages are pages that need to be created. It's best to have the smallest list on this list.
  • The lonely pages are pages that are not references anywhere which isn't great. Pages like to be linked to.
  • The short pages are pages that are started but need to be extended, categorized and so on (or just deleted).
  • It is possible to follow them by subscribing to the RSS feed of this wiki