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[edit] Mailing-lists

[edit] General mailing-list

[edit] Specific mailing-list

[edit] Inactive mailing-list

[edit] Usage

To profit from a better user experience of mailing-lists, you should be aware of some good practices.

[edit] Netiquette

Respect netiquette, some Wikipedia article about. It’s including, but not limited to, RFC 1855.

[edit] Respect

Obviously, respect for others enrolled in mailing lists is essential, and attacks/insults/threats are not tolerated under any circumstances here: such statements are not considered "free speech" (see this famous BD of xkcd on the subject). Don't hesitate to contact a administrator if you meet any problem.

[edit] Technical Hints

Here we add various technical hints for more used and popular (free) mail clients (MUA, Mail User-Agent): Thunderbird, Evolution, ClawsMail, etc. Don’t hesitate to add other sections ;)

[edit] Sorting

[edit] Hidding/Filtering Messages From Some People (and so Answers too)

[edit] Hidding/Filtering Some Threads

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