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Political Memory: Criminal measures aimed at ensuring the enforcement of intellectual property rights (IPRED 2), 1st reading, Results for group Europe of freedom and democracy Group {{#icon:EFD.png|Europe of freedom and democracy Group}}

Rank MEP Country Final score
85 Bastiaan BELDER Netherlands IPRED2_1st_reading_NL}} Netherlands 78.9 Show details
94 Philippe de VILLIERS France IPRED2_1st_reading_FR}} France 78.9 Show details
145 Mario BORGHEZIO Italy IPRED2_1st_reading_IT}} Italy 68.4 Show details
175 Francesco Enrico SPERONI Italy IPRED2_1st_reading_IT}} Italy 64.5 Show details
196 Gerard BATTEN United Kingdom IPRED2_1st_reading_GB}} United Kingdom 60.5 Show details
228 Derek Roland CLARK United Kingdom IPRED2_1st_reading_GB}} United Kingdom 53.9 Show details

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