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Political Memory: Criminal measures aimed at ensuring the enforcement of intellectual property rights (IPRED 2), 1st reading, Results for Belgium {{#icon:BE.png|Belgium}}

Rank MEP Group Final score
31 Bart STAES Verts/ALE IPRED2_1st_reading_Verts}} Verts/ALE 85.5 Show details
104 Frank VANHECKE NI IPRED2_1st_reading_NI}} NI 76.3 Show details
129 Philip CLAEYS NI IPRED2_1st_reading_NI}} NI 72.4 Show details
153 Frédérique RIES ALDE IPRED2_1st_reading_ALDE}} ALDE 68.4 Show details
160 Koenraad DILLEN NI IPRED2_1st_reading_NI}} NI 67.1 Show details
162 Pierre JONCKHEER Verts/ALE IPRED2_1st_reading_Verts}} Verts/ALE 67.1 Show details
186 Annemie NEYTS-UYTTEBROECK ALDE IPRED2_1st_reading_ALDE}} ALDE 63.2 Show details
240 Dirk STERCKX ALDE IPRED2_1st_reading_ALDE}} ALDE 52.6 Show details
311 Gérard DEPREZ ALDE IPRED2_1st_reading_ALDE}} ALDE 31.6 Show details
366 Mathieu GROSCH PPE-DE IPRED2_1st_reading_PPE}} PPE-DE 25.0 Show details
415 Philippe BUSQUIN PSE IPRED2_1st_reading_PSE}} PSE 21.1 Show details
423 Saïd EL KHADRAOUI PSE IPRED2_1st_reading_PSE}} PSE 21.1 Show details
473 Johan VAN HECKE ALDE IPRED2_1st_reading_ALDE}} ALDE 21.1 Show details
477 Mia DE VITS PSE IPRED2_1st_reading_PSE}} PSE 21.1 Show details
480 Ivo BELET PPE-DE IPRED2_1st_reading_PPE}} PPE-DE 19.7 Show details
537 Marianne THYSSEN PPE-DE IPRED2_1st_reading_PPE}} PPE-DE 17.1 Show details
539 Anne VAN LANCKER PSE IPRED2_1st_reading_PSE}} PSE 17.1 Show details
558 Frieda BREPOELS Verts/ALE IPRED2_1st_reading_Verts}} Verts/ALE 15.8 Show details
599 Alain HUTCHINSON PSE IPRED2_1st_reading_PSE}} PSE 15.8 Show details
610 Raymond LANGENDRIES PPE-DE IPRED2_1st_reading_PPE}} PPE-DE 15.8 Show details
693 Véronique DE KEYSER PSE IPRED2_1st_reading_PSE}} PSE 11.8 Show details

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