Hack-a-thon1 Political Memory 2.0 Report

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Political Memory 2.0 Project[edit]

The Political Memory 2.0 project aims to enhance the Political Memory tool and make it more efficient, accessible and useful to other organisations.

The project is still active and looking for help, and your are most welcome to use it and adapt it to your needs.

You can see what Memopol 2 looks like right now: http://memopol2.lqdn.fr

Hack-a-thon Report[edit]

The hack-a-thon to update Political Memory to version 2.0 was a great succes.

One of the main developers, Mat, sums it up here:


Here is a quick follow-up on the hackathon; I would like to first thank everybody who helped, on site or remotely to this fantastic event.
Everybody was nice and seemed happy to participate, and given the relatively minimalist project management, the efficiency is quite amazing.

A couple of exciting metrics:

  • Around 250 commits on the main repository
  • 20 developers and designers worked together
  • memopol2.0 was one of the 10 most active project on Gitorious during the event, reaching 3rd place
  • 0 animals were harmed

A lot of progress was made on several aspects:

  • MEP file got all the missing data,
  • The home page is customizable through Django's admin
  • Lot of work on votes: computation, rendering, plotting, trends, trends plotting!
  • i18n (internationalisation) is implemented and works (some translations are still needed though)
  • Stf (correct me if I'm wrong!) digged some more on the search/query topic, and figured that it was more complex that we expected; I summed up the current options here, please check them out!
  • MEPS now got trophies!
  • Lot of enhancements/bug fixes

We also worked on and improved the design, but I'm not so sure that we gathered everything that was produced! If you worked on something and didn't give your goods, please send them!
If Git is an issue, even a zip file in a mail will do! And that's also true for developers, I'm pretty sure that some of the guests ran out with their unfinished code: that's too sad, send it and we'll integrate your work (and even fix it!).

Still, we have a lot of work to do before we are able to replace memopol V1, but the result will definitely rock.
I recreated a tasklist based on the one we did at the hackathon, so if you want to contribute, that's where you'll go!
I would also love to hear from people who were here. Did you enjoy it ? Do you have some technical points that you'd like to share or discuss ? Any suggestions ?

When I walked back to my place after the event, I felt a huge wave of satisfaction (well, not literally) all over me. I'm pretty sure that was the same for every of you!
Again, thanks a zillion to all of you, and I can't wait for the next one!

    — Matthieu