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Political Memory: Giovanni ROBUSTI, former MEP

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General Data

Functions in European Parliament

  • 18/06/2008 - 13/07/2009 : Committee on Regional Development (Member)
  • 18/06/2008 - 13/07/2009 : Delegation for relations with the Korean Peninsula (Member)
  • 18/06/2008 - 13/07/2009 : Committee on Budgets (Substitute)
  • 18/06/2008 - 13/07/2009 : Delegation for relations with the Palestinian Legislative Council (Substitute)

Curriculum Vitae

  • Diploma in agriculture (1972)
  • Agricultural expert on pesticides and seeds (1972-1988)
  • Director of multinational seed company (1988)
  • Businessman working in the agricultural sector of livestock production, particularly dairying (1990-2008)
  • Activist for the Lega Lombarda - Lega NORD (1990-1996)
  • Councillor for the Lega NORD with responsibility for agriculture, Mantua provincial administration (1996-1998)
  • Senator of the Republic of Italy representing the Lega NORD for the independence of Padania (1994-1996)
  • Chairman, bicameral committee of inquiry into the State Enterprise for Agricultural Intervention (1995-1996)





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