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Political Memory: Rapport Lambrinidis on strengthening security and fundamental freedoms on the Internet, Results in Detail for group Groupe des Verts/Alliance libre européenne {{#icon:Verts.png|Groupe des Verts/Alliance libre européenne}}

Rank MEP Final score am 3 am 5S resolution

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  • am 3: Limitation of the prohibition of the systematic monitoring and surveillance of all users' activities on the Internet in IPRED 2 and deletion of the combat of excessive access restrictions placed by intellectual property holders - recommendation: against, coefficient: 2
  • am 5S: Possibility for expression of controversial political beliefs through the Internet to be subject to criminal prosecution - recommendation: against, coefficient: 1
  • resolution: Garantee of Internet access for all citizen equivalent to garantee of access to schooling and opinion that Internet access should not be punitively denied by governments or private companies (among other provisions) - recommendation: for, coefficient: 3

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