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Germany Call Results[edit]

CDU: Büro Herbert Reul is friendly and did receive other phonecalls before mine. They are concerned if callers identify themselves as conservative members of the constituency. From what they said it's pretty obvious that Reul is willing to make each and every compromise necessary to get the telecommunications package passed. Reul might not be eager to have the incriminated passage in, but seems not to care enough to fight to get it out. Reul is not one of the conservative MEPs I've had contact with before, thus I could not get any direct access.

SPD Büro Matthias Groote, one of my Twitter friends, was friendly and made clear that Groote stands with the previous position of this parliament. It seems they did not get any calls before, thus the assistant showed willingness to pass my message on to Matthias Groote personally, giving my name with it.

GRÜNE The Pirate Christian Engström is very much aware of the situation and in on the topic, while the diverse assistants of the GREENS/EFA Group try to talk to those of other groups. The Office of Rebecca Harms is not very much on the topic anymore since this years elections, as P.Lamberts took over to negotiate for the Greens here.

FDP/ALDE I've been told informally that ALDE spokesperson Lena Ek will probably stand for the freedom position of the parliament. I didn't bother calling FDP's Koch-Mehrin as she probably couldn't be bothered with the topic. MagisterForan 08:37, 13 October 2009 (UTC)