Development Arguments Against ACTA

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Below are arguments that you can use to convince the "Development" (DEVE) committee's members of ACTA's dangers.

ACTA won't protect our safety and health[edit]

ACTA will hinder access to generic medicine[edit]

Many NGOs and some countries have underlined ACTA's danger for the access to generic medicine. With an aggressive intellectual property enforcement, and by confusing generic and fake drugs, ACTA will prevent developing countries from getting legitimate and affordable generic medicines.

Statement by India in TRIPS Council against ACTA

ACTA is a badly drafted text which takes the wrong approach to tackling counterfeits[edit]

If protecting health and safety was really the priority, then ACTA is just a bad and overbroad text. It mixes many types of infringement and enforcement measures, in which life-endangering fake products and organized crime activities are considered together with not-for-profit activities that play a role in access to knowledge, innovation, culture and freedom of expression.

Study on how ACTA would hamper the right to health

ACTA will affect developing countries[edit]

ACTA is designed to be imposed on developing countries[edit]

ACTA's negotiators purposefully chose to bypass international forums, such as WTO and WIPO. Leaked US diplomatic cables showed that from the beginning, ACTA was designed to be imposed on developing countries, while excluding them of the negotiation process.
La Quadrature du Net's analysis of leaked cables

ACTA will chill in innovation[edit]

ACTA's digital chapter will export to developing countries several civil and criminal measures to fight the sharing of online culture. ACTA would pave the way for extra-judicial measures undermining freedom of speech online and innovation in the digital economy. It would have dramatic consequences, especially in countries that don't have the same fundamental rights protections as the EU.