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Political Memory: Cristian Silviu BUŞOI, MEP

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General Data

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Functions in European Parliament

Curriculum Vitae

  • Diploma, Faculty of Medicine, University of Medicine and Pharmacy 'Carol Davila', Bucharest (2003)
  • Diploma, National Defence College (2005) with dissertation on 'the reform of military service in Romania'
  • Diploma, Faculty of Law, University 'Titu Maiorescu', Bucharest (2006)
  • Diploma, Romanian Diplomatic Institute (2007)
  • Member, National Liberal Party (PNL)
  • Founder member and Vice-President, National Liberal Youth Organisation (TNL), Mehedinţi
  • Coordinator, TNL programme for western zone (Timiş, Arad, Caraş-Severin, Hunedoara)
  • Member, County Executive, TNL, Mehedinţi
  • President, TNL, Timişoara
  • National President, Liberal Students' Clubs (student wing of the PNL)
  • Secretary, Committee on Educational Policy and Vocational Training, PNL
  • Adviser to the PNL Vice-President, Călin Popescu-Tăriceanu
  • Member of the National Executive, TNL
  • Executive Secretary for coordination of external relations, PNL
  • Vice-President, PNL, Mehedinţi
  • Vice-President, PNL, Timiş
  • Member, Central Political Executive, PNL
  • President, PNL, Timiş
  • Member, Bucharest Municipal Council (May-December 2004)
  • Honorary citizen of Bucovăţ (Timiş county)





Thanks to improve this part with opinions from Cristian Silviu BUŞOI about La Quadrature du Net concerned issues (see page Help:Political_Memory to know how to do it).

25/05/2010 Written Declaration 12/2010 (ACTA)

Has signed written declaration 12/2010 on the lack of a transparent process for the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) and potentially objectionable content.

10/07/2008 Reply to campaign concerning vote on IMCO & ITRE of Telecoms package

Dear colleagues,

Most of you must have received many mails on the Harbour and Alvaro reports on the Telecom directives (universal service and protection of privacy) that were voted Monday 7 July in IMCO committee.

They all referred to an article from La Quadrature du Net ( arguing that some selected amendments will damage the openness of the Internet and reduce the rights of Internet users.

This is absolutely not the case! And it was not our intention. Lobbyists misrepresented the objectives of the legislation. The report never involves monitoring of individual customer usage of the internet, neither sanctions of the customer.

7 compromise amendments, co-signed by EPP, PSE, ALDE and Greens, and of course adopted in committee, ensured that consumers' rights are respected, with copyright issues being restricted to public service information only.

I want to clarify what has been adopted. You will then find attached:

* a summary of key points adopted

* and responses from the rapporteur (with which I totally agree) on the specific compromise amendments concerned in the article should you wish to answer the mails.

Best regards,

Cristian Busoi

02/09/2008 Telecoms Package Plenary Speeches

We had a very delicate discussion on network neutrality. My opinion is that extreme network neutrality, as we experienced in some

amendments, will make networks more congested, slower, less efficient and more expensive. Network management is necessary to run efficient

and intelligent networks and to maximise the overall user experience and value.