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This is the campaign page for BEREC's questionnaire on Net neutrality. We must use this questionnaire to ensure the European Commission has hard data proving it should act on Net neutrality.

EC/BEREC questionnaire: report Internet access restrictions, get the Commission to act[edit]

The EU Commission, along with the European body of telecommunications regulators (BEREC), is holding a questionnaire on Net neutrality violations. They are requesting answers from consumers/citizens, so every citizen and NGO can take action and show that Internet access restrictions are common and widespread all over Europe, to prove a positive legislation is necessary.

The deadline is January 20th, but responses to this consultation will surely be accepted beyond that date. In any case, don't let the deadline stop you from answering, we know by experience that some European consultations have accepted responses up to a month and a half after the deadline. (But don't procrastinate either, m'kay?)

BEREC have been seen to be tempted to follow the European Commission's failed ”wait-and-see” approach, which pretends there are no Net neutrality problems in Europe, and therefore no need for immediate and positive legislative action.

We need to ensure BEREC and the Commission see how many NN violations there are in Europe, and that this fact is in their report to the Commission.

How to answer the questionnaire[edit]

The questionnaire is a .xls spreadsheet you must fill and send back to the BEREC Office:

It takes in consideration both fixed and mobile Internet access, as well as both technical and contractual restrictions.
So if a restriction is only mentioned in the contract but not technically enforced, you should report it.

  • download the questionnaire
    • fixed and mobile Internet are on two different tabs in the spreadsheet
  • optional, download BEREC's instructions on how to answer the questionnaire
  • fill in the spreadsheet
    • you may answer in English, French and German, but please use English if you can
    • the yellow cells are for Internet operators only, you do not need to fill them
    • you do not have to answer all the questions / fill in all the cells
  • send it back in, help save the Internet

You can and should use the data from to help you answer the questionnaire.
Many Net neutrality violations have already been reported on RespectMyNet, check the list to find if restrictions that might apply to you.

If the Network neutrality violation you are mentioning in the BEREC questionnaire is not on RespectMyNet, please add it.

RespectMyNet will send an answer to the questionnaire using the compiled data.

Everyone must answer, the more answers there are, the better our chances of BEREC telling the Commission that there are many access restrictions, and of the Commission having to act to protect Net neutrality in law.

Background info and documents & analysis from La Quadrature[edit]