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Political Memory: Resolution on Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), Results for group Groupe Europe libertés démocratie {{#icon:EFD.png|Groupe Europe libertés démocratie}}

Rank MEP Country Final score
244 Timo SOINI Finland ACTA_resolution_FI}} Finland 98.5 Show details
264 Anna ROSBACH Denmark ACTA_resolution_DK}} Denmark 97.6 Show details
301 Juozas IMBRASAS Lithuania ACTA_resolution_LT}} Lithuania 96.0 Show details
302 Jaroslav PAŠKA Slovakia ACTA_resolution_SK}} Slovakia 95.9 Show details
370 Mike NATTRASS United Kingdom ACTA_resolution_GB}} United Kingdom 3.6 Show details
375 Bastiaan BELDER Netherlands ACTA_resolution_NL}} Netherlands 3.3 Show details
592 Nikolaos SALAVRAKOS Greece ACTA_resolution_GR}} Greece 2.5 Show details
610 Niki TZAVELA Greece ACTA_resolution_GR}} Greece 2.5 Show details

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